Last But Not Least


Throughout this semester I have posted recipes and food that Pam has provided for our family throughout our lives. However, I don’t want everyone to get the feeling that we make too much and waste what we do not eat. Pam makes enough food for us to get by comfortably each night, but we never have an overabundance of food. We eat what makes us healthy and able to make it through the day.

40% of all food purchased in the US is wasted.

That is simply an astonishing fact. Pam gladly feeds leftovers to us the next day, sometimes for lunch, so long as we don’t waste food.

Thank you for coming along on the ride with me this semester through amazing dinners and so much more. It has simply been a pleasure.


PS–Please visit this website on wasted food.


Pizza Night


There is nothing wrong with ordering a pizza every once in awhile. But this also costs money. Which brings up Pam’s favorite line.

“Why spend money when we can make it here?”

Whenever we are in the mood for pizza, Pam will show her Italian ethnicity and whip up the greatest pizza you will ever taste in your life. Here are the toppings she puts on our pizza.

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Pineapple
  • Extra Cheese

It is the best pizza and I love when she cooks it for us. Here is a website with more pizza toppings if the four listed above didn’t grab your attention.

November 6: National Men Make Dinner Day


November 6th is always a fun day at the Frate household. It is National Men Make Dinner Day. This day is dedicated to those men who are like my Dad and come home to a home-cooked meal every day from their wife. This is the one day a year that my Dad (much like other guys around the world) take a stroll into the kitchen and toss their apron on. This is one of my favorite days as my Dad and I know very little about cooking. We have tried many things out over the years from chicken to meatloaf to ribs, but nothing seems to come out much better than firing up the grill and making burgers and hot dogs. Some consider this cheating since guys are supposed to know how to grill but no one told my Dad and I! So on November 6th, sit back and enjoy ladies!

Melt? Nah, That’s Pam’s Grilled Cheese


In today’s society, if you want an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, people usually go to Melt. That is not the case at the Frate household. Pam is best-known for her mouth watering grilled cheese sandwiches that she used to serve at her two restaurants that we’ve own. Pam always uses her punch line:

“Why spend money when we can make it here?”

This holds true a lot of times in the kitchen at our house. There are many different types of grilled cheese sandwich recipes that you can make. My personal favorite is the “Mac N Cheese” grilled cheese in which Pam makes luscious Mac N Cheese and shoves it inside my sandwich.

Let me know any bizarre toppings you use or if anything you’ve viewed on the links in my post interest you!

Pasta Bar


Having yet to fall into the stereotypical Italian dinner with my previous posts, it’s time to do so. Yes, Pam does make Italian food. It is the greatest thing on this Earth since sliced bread..O wait, we have that with our meal too.

For those not familiar with how a pasta bar works or what it is, PLEASE visit this website!

Pam usually starts off with having us all get up and get our salads and bread as starters. After that, we indulge in some amazing Homemade Italian Wedding Soup. After these are completed, we dig in for the entrees. The entree can be any type of pasta or meatball imaginable. After the entrees have been eaten, we move on to desserts. You can have any dessert you would like with your pasta bar. My “go to” dessert is French Silk Pie.

Fish For Dinner


Although Pam generally sticks to the traditional dinners of meat and potatoes, every so often she’ll make salmon for our family. Salmon is the only seafood that our family will eat, so it is always a special occasion when we indulge in this dish. Not being too familiar with what to serve with salmon, Pam often visits this website for side dishes and different ways to cook it. This site includes guest blogs and comments on what they like to serve as sides with this meal. We generally will pick different sides every time since it isn’t often that we eat salmon.

What should we make for dinner tonight?